Clothing Tip #1: you’ll never have a bad undie day again

July 26, 2007 at 11:17 pm (barely there, Clothing Tips, thong, underwear)

My first post I’ll start with the basics. Underwear. You all know how grabbing a bad pair at 6am can set a day off on the wrong track. Everything goes wrong. And all of us reformed thong-wearers (you know who you are) understand the price of sexiness…a sore bottom, a constant wedgie. Into the trash bin they go to be replaced with…..drum roll….BARELY THERE undies. I especially LOVE model number 2370. But I’ve gotten other pairs, and you cannot go wrong. These undies are divine, magical, fabulous. If I have a bad day, I can’t blame my underwear. In fact, they are much like a lucky charm. They feel amazing, stretch, breathe, look way smaller than you are and then magically stretch into your form. So, take the path to redemption.

ITEM: Barely There undies

Website: (can be found all over the net)

PROS: no tags, soft, stretchy microfiber material, no pantylines, no painful thong ropeburn

CONS: none

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