Beauty Tip #4: Cowabunga, a suncreen I actually will use

October 12, 2007 at 6:12 pm (health, melanoma, mexoryl, skincare, sunscreen, titanium dioxide, uva, uvb)

Oddly, as I am living in the Northeast and just getting used to the onset of fall, I have just come across the most delightful discovery…the perfect sunscreen for one’s countenance. I am a writer/editor, so I am always finding odd words that come to mind, so by countenance, I mean your gorgeous face. I was off for a walk (yes, for those have read my post about walking, I do follow my own advice!) and realized that the rays were pelting down on my pale skin. As I am acutely aware of the ozone thinning and the need to protect oneself, I went searching for an appropriate cream to slather on. As I’m home, my very hip mother showed me a new product she picked up. So, hence, my latest fab discovery: Glymed Plus Cell Science Proto-Age Protection Cream 30+. Geez, could this be any longer.

So, on to the product. I have immense lurking guilt about not wearing sunscreen. From billboards, commercials, and magazines, and the evil, pore-obsessed, confidence-crushing makeup ladies, I am acutely aware that I should be applying SPF on my face all the way down to my big toes.

Because clothing does not completely protect either. I am not extreme and due to laziness as well, I have settled for face coverage.

I’ve tried other brands, and I always end up stopping to use sunscreen due to excessive heaviness, or an overwhelming scent, or grease-production. And, I’ve tried all sorts of applications: cream, gel, liquid and spray. And I have also tried very inexpensive to expensive types too. Even the dermatologist recommended types I’ve ended up chucking. This product is basically scent-free, except for the basic cream-type scent I noticed. (I just opened the container and took a big whiff and now have a white nose.)

Also, the cream is a thicker cream, but you need far less for coverage. It also doubles as a moisturizer as well, so you can shave off that part of your routine. The cream blends into my skin, giving me an even rosy glow to my skin, but after hours of wear, I don’t smell it, notice it, or have any excessive oiliness or irritation. And there is no sticky residue either. I am a believer.

Now for the medical aspect of this product. The days of tanning on the beach for hours are long gone. The suns rays are even more powerful, especially in portions of the world with increased ozone depletion, like Australia. However, the rest of the world is not safe either, as there is a generalized increase of SPF rays passing through our atmosphere and making contact with your delicate cheeks, eyelids and shoulders. This product is great as the protection is 30+, however you must apply especially if you are sweating, playing sports, or especially swimming.

UVA and UVB protection is important, as both lead to skin damage. UVA is particularly dangerous as it causes damage to your DNA within skin cells, increasing the risk of melanoma. From my clinical experience, melanoma is a frightening disease. While working in a specialized cancer center, oncologists were particularly impressed with melanoma’s ability to defeat conventional medicine. A doctor may eradicate a seemingly simple skin lesion for it to return a year later affecting multiple internal organs. I witnessed a particularly sad case in this hospital. Wrinkles and sunspots are no treat, but melanoma can end your life. So, please cover up.

So, a few important things. This product is perfect for now. Buy it. But, as a new better ingredient (accepted in Europe first when was living in London), has just been approved by the FDA, look for ecamsule or Mexoryl (brand name) in sunscreens. It might not be out there yet, but it, along with zinc oxide and avobenzone are apparently the best active ingredients out there for full UVA/UVB coverage.

But titanium dioxide is still great, providing good coverage for both UVA and UVB, but reportedly doesn’t cover the entire UVA spectrum.

Another important note. I hate being duped, so know that the company has downsized the product size, but kept the price the same. It’s now 1.6 oz instead of 2oz. So, look online, perhaps on Ebay, for a 2oz size. If it’s 1.6oz, look for a lower cost.

So, to finish…

DO put sunscreen on your face in the morning and reapply several times a day if you can.
DO reapply more times if you are sweaty or working out or swimming.
DO NOT lay on the beach/at the pool at prime sun times, 12pm to 3pm. If you must, sit under an umbrella or put on a hat.
DO cover your little ones with hats and sunscreen.
DO make a yearly appointment with a dermatologist to do a skin check. I’m a BIG HUGE fan of prevention rather than treatment.

PRODUCT: Glymed Plus Cell Science Proto-Age Protection Cream 30+

PROS: doubles as a moisturizer, 30+ SPF, active ingredient is titanium dioxide (good sun protection), light smell, non-greasy, blends into skin, high quality product

CONS: price (retail $65)

WHERE FIND: Try EBAY, and free shipping here: ARIVA

NOTE: look for new products out there in future with Mexoryl as active ingredient. Probably best sun protection out there now


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