Saving Money Tip #1: Ebay on Steroids

August 25, 2007 at 1:08 pm (deals, ebay, fat fingers, Saving Money Tips)

I am no tightwad, however I am a firm believer in smart spending for your mental health.

Here’s the scenario:

You are in a massive hurry to the airport as you set your alarm for PM instead of AM. You are jetting off to the Seychelles for a much-needed weeklong decompression session. You wake up in a fright. Your hair is a wild mix of Roseanne Roseannadanna and Billy Idol and still deciding whether or not your vivid dream of eating everything in the fridge was a nightmare or a reality (also a nightmare). Just to refresh your memory:

Option one: Schlep your large bags like a hunchback hippo into the murky, sweaty subway for a hair-raising journey of scarcely populated cars and sidelong glances at your fabulous newly refurbished hair-do, perhaps? Yes, cheap…but worth your sanity? Also, you may or may not make your flight. Here’s the potential cast of characters sitting cheek-to-cheek with you on the underground:

Option two: Hail a cab and spend $40. Give a generous tip because you are going to ask him to drive on two wheels to get there. So, after arriving with time to spare, you have saved yourself a hernia, and have not been held at gunpoint in the dank unbelly of the city. Obviously, next time you should screw your head on right and set your alarm BEFORE you dab on the greasy eye makeup remover and are temporarily blinded, but what’s done is done and your sanity is worth more than a few extra dollars.

So, in the vein of quicker, easier ways to live your life, I have yet another discovery that came my way. I am an obsessed fan of Ebay and have purchased designer duds for nil, and beauty products galore. And books for school and presents for friends. It’s a wonderful place to get a deal and always fun to meet the UPS man with all of your brown boxes!

To take it up a notch, there’s a fabulous site, aptly named Fat Fingers ( I love it!! Think of it. How many misspellings have you seen on ebay?? A gadzillion? I work as a clinical editor, so I am constantly cringing. Whether you spot them or not, just know there are in the words of Fat Fingers:

“Thousands of items on eBay listed with descriptions containing spelling mistakes.
These items often expire with no bids on them as no-one can find them.
Type in a keyword below and click the Find button.
Then click the link and uncover those hidden gems…”

So, do as they have told, and click away. You will link directly to Ebay and the search now will include all the potential bad spellings too for a far better deal for you!! Have a blast!

PROS: larger array of deals shown, you find the deals others don’t find, less bidding on these items, so lower buy price, save money!!, may find hard-to-find items, options to install search box on blog/website, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers

CONS: small amount of time to install search bar on browser


Blast from the past:

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Kitchen Tip #1: Now we’re cooking…

August 6, 2007 at 11:17 pm (Calphalon, cooking, ebay, Kitchen Tips, pans, pots)

Before I discovered the joys of cooking, I knew the pleasures of eating. Nothing was more blissful than watching my Mom whip up something fabulous. As I grew older, I began experimenting, unknowingly incorporating what my mother does. So, as a fledgling cook, I discovered a few things. Finding any recipe to fit scraps in the fridge is deadly. A few sweet potatoes should just be roasted or tossed if sprouting spindly legs. What was on the menu was Sweet Potato and Pumpkin cake. If I actually thought about it logically, I would have realized how revolting this would be. I baked it and baked it for what seemed an eternity… and it still was goopy. Fortunately after this disaster, I always stepped back from recipes to think, do I want to eat this? or would I reserve this delicacy for my worst enemy? So aside from understanding spices and letting one’s creativity loose in the kitchen to make both disasters and then culinary miracles, was grasping how important good kitchen tools are. So, my latest discovery and recommendation for simplifying and beautifying your lives are the fabulous CalEbayphalon Contemporary pots and pans. I did a bit of research before putting this set on my wedding registry, but nothing prepared me for the absolute glee that would follow. You immediately become a better cook because you wipe away many pitfalls, such as burning food due to absentmindedness. These pots and pans have a substantial feel and a slick look. The surface heats evenly, and ingredients blend and cook to perfection. And if you get lost in an episode of Lost, your food not only does not burn, but it retains moisture. And with conveniently clear lids, you can see what your food is doing. Perhaps it’s doing the merengue, but whatever it going on it’s usually not involving becoming dry nastiness. Food never sticks due to the hard-anodized exterior and nonstick interior. The cleanup is quick and easy, with no staining or discoloration with time. You won’t turn back. Toss those cheap pans in the trash bin and opt for a set, instead of individual purchases. The 8 or 10 piece sets have far more bang for the buck and if you’re lucky, you can find an unopened set for much less on Ebay.

PRODUCT: Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 8 or 10 piece set of pots and pans
8 pc (Model JR8A), 10 pc (Model JR10A)
Hard-anodized aluminum exterior, nonstick interior

8 pc Set Includes:

8″ omelette pan
10″ omelette pan
1.5 qt sauce pan w/cover
2.5 qt sauce pan w/cover
8 qt stock pot w/cover

10 pc Set also has:

3 qt sauté pan w/cover

PROS: sturdy, attractive, clear lid to see food, food cooks evenly and does not burn, may use on stove top or inside oven up to 450 degrees, food doesn’t try out, quick cleanup, good value, last FOREVER, long handles that stay cool, lifetime warranty,

CONS: may be heavy for some, must clean by hand

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