Beauty Tip #2: The Frizz Wars…Part I

September 16, 2007 at 4:34 pm (Beauty Tips, Bumble and Bumble, curls, Ouidad)

A “before” photo of an unfortunate red-head

Before I knew (or cared) how to handle my luxurious waves aka undulating frizz, I was in ignorant bliss. I went from Shirley Temple ringlets as a child (after my early bald-as-a-bowling-ball phase) to the wild lioness mane of my early teen years. Thankfully due to the intervention of my beauty savvy Mom and Aunt, who worked in tandem to pacify my many follicles’ reactive temper, I became quite a young goddess, if I may say so myself. 😉 Part of this intervention involved curling irons, conditioning treatments, and a cornucopia of barrettes. 😉

When the Bumble & Bumble salon burst open their doors in Manhattan’s swanky hood, in buzzed many savage beasts of mangy manes who surprisingly had human DNA. I was probably run over by this herd, but learned of this curl-tempering cure in time. Ouidad, a shop which many worship as a shrine, proved too shellac-ing for me, but Bumble & Bumble’s Leave-In Conditioner worked like a miracle worker. It held and shaped the curl, but allowed my hair to move like human hair.

Some typical AFTER photos (one is of my FAV Madonna):

PLEASE avoid the following look:

While still wet, I would massage in this white gold, coating from scalp to split end. My preference is always to do this in the shower, such that I can walk out with hair ready to dry/go. The technique I’d recommend is taking sections of hair, coating with a quarter size amount of Bumble, then combing with fingers spread, holding the hair. When getting to the ends, grab hold of the hair section, and shake lightly, to free the curl from it’s cage. Even though I personally didn’t like Ouidad products, after a visit to the salon which set me back $300 (yikes!), I did leave with one fantastic method: the Rake and Shake. Visit this link for a quick, helpful visual. CLICK HERE. I just use Bumble and Bumble on the hair instead of their products, and use their technique.

After all the hair is coated, I try to let my hair air-dry without much manipulation, to minimize heat damage, and to allow the curls to set.

I’d recommend testing different amounts on your hair, as for mine, which has fine, blond consistency, but is naturally ringlet-y, a moderate amount works just fine. This amount is clear to me, as I’ve been using this product for over 10 years. I can’t give an exact amount, but what works for one, is not so hot for another. You just get a sense after a bit.

The absolutely lovely thing about this product, is that it rarely gets that horrid crunchy, wet-all-day look that has people guessing if you just jumped out of the shower or if you’ve never jumped in or out of a shower. If you truly slather it on like my Dad puts cream cheese on his bagel aka in HEAPS, your do will probably do the wet or “greased” look. Often, you can put your hand underneath your hair and break apart these shellac-ed sections, unlike other products that permanently mold your hair like Vanna White in her glorious Oscar-worthy debut as a Greek statue in Goddess of Love.

Other perks are the deep conditioning you get all day long, which is often necessary for curly, naturally dry hair. The bottle states you can wash out the product, but as I’ve walked into the actual Bumble & Bumble salon, the experts say you can also leave it in.

PRODUCT: Bumble & Bumble Leave-In Conditioner

WHERE BUY: you can go straight to the source or a participating salon, but I’d recommend searching on Ebay for a heavy discount. Do a google search for discount sites as well. Compare and buy. Check out their site as it’s pretty helpful too. Especially if you have another hair type.

PROS: tames curls into beautiful, calm hair; holds curl add day; frizz is gone; very light, inoffensive scent; easy to wash off hair/hands without heavy goo-quotient; doesn’t mold hair into greasy, wet look; provides nutrients and conditioning all day long; salon and products very successful (celeb clientele) so product will be around for years to come; only product have used for 10+ years that actually works.

CONS: can be expensive if do not find on ebay or discount site; may not work on straight hair–unsure, but still try; may be trial and error period as all curls differ; also must accompany regular haircuts to keep hair healthy for maximum benefit.


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