Beauty Tip #1: Glowing Shiny Skin

August 9, 2007 at 8:35 pm (acne, Aveeno, Beauty Tips, cleanser, cosmetics, product, skin)

Like many out there, I have been blessed/cursed with oily skin. They say it prolongs one’s youth, however in the same vein of finding positivity in bird poop on one’s windshield or worse, on one’s head, I am skeptical. (Expanding on the falling projectile topic…a very close hilariously accident-prone friend of mine had an unfortunate surprise when a squirrel tumbled and banged into her head, while on the way to work. Me, on the other hand, after 36 hours of solid doctoring work as a resident had a bird aim successfully for my head. On no other time in my life have I found such an obvious sign sent from above, both in the otherworldly sense and the actually sky. I felt pooped on after dealing with what seemed like 100 screaming patients and yes, I needed to have the point remade. Anyway, not to digress…) So, as a brilliant solution, I came upon Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser 6 fl oz (180 ml), seconded by a top beauty-mag, to relieve me of my ever-greasy complexion. It contains salicylic acid, as well, to treat the socially abhorent scourge, aka acne. The fabulousness is that this is hypoallergenic, oil free, non-pore-clogging, soap-free, and is in this fabulous foamy application. You push down on the pump and get a bubbly dollop, massage it onto your gorgeous face and after washing it off, your skin feels clean, and not overly dried out. Some gentler cleansers feel like cream and when you wash it off, you don’t get that squeaky clean feeling, that I absolutely crave, much like the itch in my ears relieved (wrongly) by a Q-tip. So, after using for about a week, I noticed a huge difference in my skin. Of course, there are other factors to having good skin. The old adage, you are what you eat holds. If you are hogging down fries and a big tub of Kentucky Fried Chicken every night, don’t expect your skin to glow and accuse your cleanser of laziness. Also, if you aren’t working on decreasing your stress or aren’t exercising or drinking water, your skin will reflect your lifestyle. So, treat yourself well, and you will feel good and your skin will reflect your good behavior.

PRODUCT: Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser

PROS: cool, foamy formulation, squeaky clean after feeling, clears up pimples, decreases grease quotient, inexpensive, readily available online and in drug stores, doesn’t clog pores, good for sensitive skin

CONS: may want to avoid if have very dry skin

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