Bodacious Blog Award!

September 13, 2007 at 11:19 pm (artist, award, blogs, friends, honor, just jOolian)

I am thrilled to be deemed/awarded the exciting BODACIOUS BLOG award by the fabulous JOolian of just jOolian!! He has kindly plugged my site on his AB FAB site, which is a MUST VISIT at: just JOolian. An artiste by day and a blogger by night, follow his amusing musings…

I’d like to pass the torch to the following delightful blogs! Feel free to keep the love flowin’ by passing this award onto other sites you adore.

Fish Without Bicycle Here

Julian at just jOolian ~ hippocampus hi-jinx

Tom Coffee at Spilling Coffee with Humorist Tom Coffee

Jenn at Mommy Needs Coffee

Corey (my sis) at See Corey Run and Cook.Eat.Drink.Blog.

Dawn & Ann at Twisted Sister…Totally Pissed Off!

Kiwipulse at Kiwipulse

ChristyZ at Christy’s Coffee Break

Fat Triathlete at The Fat Triathlete

Mark at ProBloggers Matrix

PabloPabla at

Jim at Tips for New Bloggers (So incredibly helpful when first started!)

AnEnglishMum at An English Mum

I highly recommend checking out ALL of these blogs!!


  1. jOolian said,

    Abby :: awwwhhh yer mushhhh too kind…. and thanx for the xtra ‘plug’ …. i thank yee soo much and keep’a being most Bodacious as i know ya will, rawwk’on LadyBug !!! ~julian

  2. Tom Coffee said,

    Cool, thank you so much! I appreciate the award and will do my best to help all of mankind with my newfound celebrity and power!

    -Tom Cofee

  3. KiwiPulse said,

    Wow, My first blog award! Thank you so much and I’m glad that you like my blog. Bodacious Blog Award!

  4. insanity-suits-me (Dawn) said,

    Awww… thanks for the award and the lovely comments you left us!

  5. An English Mum said,

    ‘…and keep the engine running, Parker!’

    Bodacious! Hee hee! Still giggling now! Hope my head doesn’t get too big for my tiara!

    ::: nods head graciously, gives eloquent thank you speech, grins inanely at gathered admirers and sweeps out :::

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