Kitchen Tip #2: Be the Shiznit of the Hiznit (I have no idea what this means, but it sounds cool)

September 3, 2007 at 3:39 pm (BBQ, grill, healthy eating, Kitchen Tips, Reynolds Non-Stick Grill Foil)

To take a breather from the advice giving aka bossing everyone around, I will foray into the world of household recommendations. As today is Labor Day, many will be out grilling a variety of delicacies on their outdoor BBQ. For some, it will be Porky the Pig on a spit; other more health-conscious friends will be julienning some zucchini, eggplant and other veggies, slopping on some marinade and roasting to absolute culinary perfection. A most abhorrent task is scraping the grill post-BBQ. For those who forgo the task, or run from the room with a sudden urgent to-do when others are buzz sawing the grease from the rungs (you know who you are), this may lure you back to the task.

So, here goes… drum roll please….. The beautific creation is Reynolds Non-Stick Grill Foil. I am not recommending this product lightly. After grilling baked potato halves and salmon (marinaded in a ginger sesame concoction) atop these sheets, I can attest to their fabulousness. These nonstick sheets are sturdy, have holes to allow for uniform heat and blackening. And cleanup is nil. Into the bin they go.

Product: Reynolds Release Non-Stick Grill Foil

PROS: extra heavy duty preventing the much-feared tasty bit drop into the flames of hell, perforated for even cooking/blackening and fat drainage thus healthier cooking, non-stick so easy food removal and no need for chemically-overridden greasy non-stick cooking sprays, no grill clean-up

CONS: Won’t have excuse for post-grill-cleaning spousal/partner/friend guilt session, which has its enjoyments (i.e., prolonged guilting leading to unending expectation of gifts)

WHERE: any grocery store

Inspiration: A tune to grill by.

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